According to some data, saying “sorry” in your opening message to a match can reduce your chances of getting a date by 56%, so if you can avoid saying the word without being rude, well, avoid it! Of course, an even better strategy for finding your perfect partner in the online dating world is not doing anything you have to be sorry for. Nothing kills the mood like being reported for harassment and unsolicited nudes.

Girl Power
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Findmate has some of the most sophisticated security tools in the industry to pinpoint problem behaviors and remove troublemakers before they bother our users, but a big part of our job is responding to reports to keep our app safe, flirty and fun for everyone! Findmate is a truly international community, so today we wanted to dig into the statistics to see what countries produce the best-behaved online dating users.

First, you should know…

One of Findmate’s unique attributes is that we allow users from around the world to contact each other without geographic restrictions. Maybe you’re flying to Taiwan for business and want to meet a lady to show you the sights for a few days, or you’ve just accepted a job teaching ESL in Korea and hope to make some connections before you travel. Unlike apps like Tinder, which make you pay a premium for long distance matching, we know that love knows no borders!

Chivalry isn’t dead (In Hong Kong at least)

Hong Kong is famous for its dazzling skyline and outrageously tiny apartments, but based on Findmate’s statistics the small financial powerhouse should also have a reputation for the courtesy and manners of its lovers. Of our thousands of users based in Hong Kong, less than a fraction of 1% (0.0962%, to be precise) have been reported for their behavior.

While Southeast Asia is a rich and diverse region comprising numerous distinct cultures, it seems that respectful courting is a tradition common to its most developed nations: Taiwan, Singapore and Japan joined Hong Kong and the United States in our top five least-reported nations.

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Meanwhile, in Luxembourg…

We’re having a little fun here; Luxembourg is one of the smallest nations on Earth, with a population of barely half a million, so it’s much easier for a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Still, 6% of users from little Luxembourg have been reported for infractions, just ahead of Israel and Qatar in the online dating sin bin. While the kneejerk reaction of many North Americans and Europeans might be to assume that comparatively rich Western nations might have a certain refinement of manner, the presence of countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland and Switzerland among Findmate’s most reported nations might testify to some of the cultural differences found among our worldwide users.

So what’s the lesson?

Maybe the simplest moral for online daters seeking international romance is to remember that what seems like normal flirting to you might come across as aggressive to someone from another way of life. Be respectful, get a sense of how your potential Findmate flame wants to be approached, and things will heat up in no time!

It’s the patriotic thing to do.